How will my ebooks or audiobooks be delivered?

Your ebooks are delivered automatically upon purchase by an email from BookFunnel. If the email hasn’t arrived in 10 minutes, look for it in your Spam folder or in your Promotions folder if you have Gmail.

Please note: The book will be delivered to the email address you used at checkout.

For technical help with the delivery of your digital products. please email the awesome folks at

Can I use any ereader to read my books?

You sure can. BookFunnel will give you instructions and options how to download the ebook to your favorite device.

Or you can also download and read and listen to your books directly from the BookFunnel app. Download it from the App Store or Google Play Store here>>

What happens when I preorder a book?

Preorders are charge immediately by the payment method that you select.

Then the book will automatically be delivered on the release date and BookFunnel will send you an email altering you that your ebook is ready for download.

If the email hasn’t arrived, be sure to check either your spam folder or if you use Gmail, then the promotions folder.

How do I listen to audiobooks?

  1. You can listen on the BookFunnel App
  2. Or listen in y our browser on any device.

For technical help with the delivery of your digital products. please email the awesome folks at

To download the BookFunnel app click here>>

What are the series reading orders?

Listed here are the books that should be read in order for a better overall reading experience.

The Maxwell Series.

  1. Dare to Kiss
  2. Dare to Dream
  3. Dare to Love
  4. Dare to Dance
  5. Dare to Live
  6. Dare to Breathe
  7. Dare to Embrace

The Maxwell Family Saga Series

  1. My Heart to Touch
  2. My Heart to Hold
  3. My Heart to Give
  4. My Heart to Keep.

The Vampire Navy SEAL: Jo & Webb

  1. On the Edge of Humanity
  2. On the Edge of Eternity
  3. On the Edge of Destiny
  4. On the Edge of Misery
  5. On the Edge of Infinity

The Vampire Navy SEAL: Sam & Layla Series.

  1. The Hunted
  2. The Predator
  3. The Union
  4. The Dawning
  5. The Prodigies
  6. The Prophecy
  7. The Rebirth

Please note that you can start with either of the two vampire series.