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Hart of Darkness (The Hart Series Book 1) eBook

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The road to love is paved in the dark. 

Dillon Hart has all but given up the search for his missing baby sister Grace, until a phone call from the morgue leads him into the arms of a former enemy. Maggie Marx is sexier and prettier than he remembers. Her long wavy blond hair and luscious curves trigger emotions that he can’t afford to act on. But enlisting her help to find Grace may be his only hope.

Crime reporter Maggie Marx has the right mix of grit and sex appeal to get anything she wants, even the darkest stories on the street. And what she wants is to exact revenge on the man who left her for dead. The problem is she can’t find him.

Until one night, one story, and one girl lead her into the arms of her formal rival. Dillon Hart is no longer the boy she once knew. Now he’s all man—chiseled jaw, pierced body, and tatted arms. Qualities she likes in a man. But he’s a distraction that could land her in the belly of the beast.

As Dillon and Maggie team up, an undeniable chemistry ignites between them. But any chance of love is thrown off course, and they aren’t prepared to find what lies ahead.

One family is torn apart. Another is brought together. Hearts are shredded, secrets are uncovered, and love takes on a whole new meaning.

Hart of Darkness is an enemies to lovers, gritty romantic suspense featuring a feisty heroine and a bad boy hero. Dillon and Maggie’s story is filled with action, intrigue, steamy times, and a happily ever after.


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