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I’ve been tucked away in a boarding school for as long as I can remember. Now, as a big-time college girl, I’m ready to break free from the strict rules, suffocating curfews, and my father’s oppressive grip on my life.

But the only way I can live on campus is to agree to his demands. Easier said than done. One close encounter with Ryker James and Father Dearest changes the game.

Stay away from the big, bad quarterback. There’s only one problem.

Ryker is a magnet, built to attract any female, constructed to make any girl’s heart sputter, and my heart is beating off the charts.

So, it’s time to choose between the devil I know and the one I don’t.


I lost my entire family in a blink of an eye. Now all I have is football. The problem is that the misery, drinking, and parties appeal more to me than any game.

But Lakemont University wants that championship. Fans want to see wins on the scoreboard, and my teammates salivate to crush our opponents every game. 

Yet, the only pass I might be throwing is at the auburn-haired girl who waltzes into my life.

She’s fire. I’m ice. A combination that doesn’t work.

So let the games begin.

Unforgettable is an enemies-to-lover’s standalone romance. Be prepared for all the feels, steamy times, a slow-burn romance, and a guaranteed happily ever after.



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